IBM shelves Cell

It looks like IBM is going to shelf the Power Cell processor. Cell during its lifetime never really garnered the ubiquity it needed to do what NVidia is doing with GPU. I had guessed on this site previously that Cell needed to get wider distribution to maintain a base. The business model for acceleration is … Read moreIBM shelves Cell

Designing the next generation of our storage systems

Back from SC09, and for a project Vipin asked me to work on quickly, I am cranking out our roadmaps in greater detail. One of the things I’ve been thinking of for a long time is, what comes after JackRabbit and DeltaV?
In the case of JackRabbit, even when it is hobbled by a poorly performing IB network (we are still working on why this is the case), we appear to kick some serious tail in the high performance cluster storage space … our worst case result was 4x faster than a competitors best case on the same problem (info was presented at SC09 in a public talk by the user, so I think its ok to talk about, if not, let me know and I’ll elide this). Though we should have been much faster than that, we have caching on the client side and on the back end server side largely turned off for the cluster acceptance test to run.

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One of the best (funniest) quotes from #SC09

From HPCwire … “Moving a physical disk-head to accomplish random I/O is so last-century,” said Allan Snavely, associate director of SDSC, co-principal investigator for SDSC’s Gordon system and project leader for Dash. “Indeed, Charles Babbage designed a computer based on moving mechanical parts almost two centuries ago. With respect to I/O, it’s time to stop … Read moreOne of the best (funniest) quotes from #SC09

#sc09 [T+2] user benchmarks of the MSI storage cluster

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute purchased the first siCluster (PR on disk, finishing up and getting out tomorrow), which is a scalable storage cluster product, aimed at providing very scalable performance and capacity. I was worried after the talk I gave at their booth. Their researcher indicated our performance wasn’t good. We had turned off some caching … Read more#sc09 [T+2] user benchmarks of the MSI storage cluster

#sc09 [T-0]: The demo …

So we worked hard with our partners to get a demo going. One that highlighted their software, and our hardware. And we got this going with their kind and patient help. One problem. It goes so fast … its done in about a second … 🙂