Nice to know I've had an impact on language …

From this article linked from /., I found this tidbit

Core Business
In order to make current operating systems compatible with AMD’s core architecture, the FPU somehow has to operate with a kind of hyper-threading, so that the operating system, and its users, can accept the whole design as a full-fledged duo-core. The 8-core processor Zambesi, planned for high-end desktop computers and slated for 2011, will probably have four of those duo-cores. In the context of ‘Fusion’, AMD also plans to squeeze a graphics processor on the chip, which is why it is called an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) in AMD jargon.

Heh. I wonder if anyone else used that term, for accelerators, before they did. I wonder.
APUs are taking HPC by storm. This is creative destruction you are witnessing. We moved mostly out of the market being destroyed over the last year or so, and focused upon the market being created.
It absolutely blows me over that Vipin’s and my strategy pitch is being played, almost to the letter, by the successful players in this market. Even more astounding is that we had guessed 2011 before a noticable impact on the HPC market was seen. VC’s asked us “how do you know this will happen?”
I guess we can now say quod erat demonstrandum.
I can also say that we are 3 for 3 on concepts/products turning into explosive business propositions , and, so far, 0 for 3 on getting capital to build said products and market them. Heh. And we coined a phrase.