SC09 [T-1 day]: The booth is (mostly) up

A JackRabbit JR4, and a Pegasus deskside supercomputer are there (booth 635 on the show floor, Intel Partner Pavilion). We ran into a cooling issue though, so I had to pull one of the GPU cards. Working on a few other things to fix. Might have a corrupted zip file for the demo (ugh). Will […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-16

On #sc09 show floor booth 635 setting up the Pegasus box. Will ha a nice #hpc #storage and processing machine # Powered by Twitter Tools Viewed 16336 times by 3301 viewers

SC09 [T -3 days] shipped everything to the booth by UPS

Hopefully it will get there. Had to disassemble the CPU coolers in the Pegasus, and remove the disks from the JackRabbit. Pegasus has a pair of rocking Nehalem W5590 chips, 32 hard disks, 48 GB ram, a Tesla, a GTX260, and a pair of 10GbE ports. The JackRabbit was doing 1.8GB/s reads and 1.3 GB/s […]

OT: comparing Droid to iPhone

My Blackberry is dying. And Verizon seems to like to disable useful things, like GPS, Wifi, and all manner of other things. So these nice fancy phones … its hard to make full use of them. I am looking at two options for replacement: iphone and droid. The latter is in a Motorola device, brand […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-12

Does anyone actually delete their pr0n followers? Or do you let them accumulate? Just curious. # Machines for #sc09 have been built. With any luck, we'll ship them tomorrow. Then I'll set it up at the booth. May buy a monitor there … # working on #hpc #storage #cluster specs document for #sc09 announcement # […]

SC09 talk bits

I’ll be giving a talk at SC09 about the design and installation of our new siCluster (storage cluster) product. The talk is entitled “Feeding the hungry Gopher”. I’ll explain that in a moment. It is Tuesday, November 17th, 3-3:30pm, at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute booth. The gopher is the mascot of the University of Minnesota. […]

SC09 booth bits

Ok, here’s the scoop. We will be in the Intel Partner Pavilion booth #3077. We are going to be bringing a nice JackRabbit JR4 and a Pegasus-GPU unit. The JR4 will have a pair of nice fast Intel Nehalem CPUs in it (probably X5550’s), and the Pegasus will have a pair of W5580’s. Both units […]

The joy that is mmap …

Mmap is a way to provide file IO in a nice simple manner. Create a buffer area, and as you read/write into that buffer, this is reflected physically into the file. Oversimplification, but this is basically what it is. In most operating system, mmap makes direct use of the paging paths in the kernel. Why […]