SC09 booth bits

Ok, here’s the scoop. We will be in the Intel Partner Pavilion booth #3077. We are going to be bringing a nice JackRabbit JR4 and a Pegasus-GPU unit.
The JR4 will have a pair of nice fast Intel Nehalem CPUs in it (probably X5550’s), and the Pegasus will have a pair of W5580’s. Both units will have a bit of RAM, and the JR4 will have 24x 500 GB disks, while the Pegasus will have, get this, 32x 500 GB disks. The Pegasus will have at least one nice NVidia card within it, and 2 if we can fit everything in.
Units will be interconnected via a pair of 10GbE, and we will have GlusterFS, and probably SRP, and iSCSI running between them as well.
If we do our job right, this Pegasus deskside supercomputer will be nearly silent. I’ll update when I boot the unit later today.
Software: We should be showing a partner application in the financial services space, though there is an unfortunate possibility that we may not get that in time. So we will have a number of backup applications.
Feel free to suggest/recommend things 🙂 We are open to ideas. GPU-HMMer is cool … but … gets a little old after a while (command line only).
We should have VMWare workstation up on the Pegasus, as it will be running Linux, and we want to be able to show running Windows as well.
I don’t know if we will have networking available.