SC09 prep

Next two weeks are going to be crazy. Prepping 2 machines for SC09, getting demos on there, testing them out (bits don’t die in transit … oh no… never happens 🙁 )
Planning on a JR4 and a Pegasus. Likely a nice fast connection between the two.
Pegasus will be interesting in that it will have many 2.5″ disks, very fast Intel Nehalem chips, lots of RAM, and some nice fast GPU cards. JR4 should be … er … pretty fast. Yeah, thats the ticket.
I have a talk to prep for. Original title was “Feeding the Beast”, but the “Beast” in this case happens to be a nice shiny new cluster from HP that is anything but a “Beast”. Its quite neat actually. Water cooled and all.
I am going to have to get io-bm into releasable format as well.
And we have at least two bits of PR to get done.
And get some updated benchmarks done.
And probably a white paper or two.
That does it, I am going to have to break the glass and open the emergency Kona rations.