SC09 [T -3 days] shipped everything to the booth by UPS

Hopefully it will get there. Had to disassemble the CPU coolers in the Pegasus, and remove the disks from the JackRabbit. Pegasus has a pair of rocking Nehalem W5590 chips, 32 hard disks, 48 GB ram, a Tesla, a GTX260, and a pair of 10GbE ports. The JackRabbit was doing 1.8GB/s reads and 1.3 GB/s writes in tests right before we shipped. It also as a pair of 10GbEs, 72 GB ram, and a pair of W5580 Nehalems.
I have to buy the monitor out, the monitor mount, and a few other things. Demo is about 1/2 done, but most of the data is transfered.
More later …