#sc09 [T+2] its like drinking from a fire hose …

Ok … so so many things going on. All at once.
I’ve done what … like 3 on camera interviews over the last 48 hours, and have another one coming up. I’ve given a talk, and attended a talk. More on that in the next post.
Ok. Vipin needs me to work on something tonight, so I might not get nearly as much sleep as I want. Gotta hit the gym tomorrow too.
#sc09 ends tomorrow, and I have formed definite observations on the state of affairs in the market, the customers and users state. I can’t say they are wholly accurate observations, I am trying to be dispassionate about it.
I am happy to have met all the readers whom have stopped by. Literally I have lost count. Please don’t stop saying “hi”, and please do feel free to post anonymously if you don’t want to link back to you (use a user of “Anon” or “Anonymous” so I know not to look any deeper).
As usual, Doug Eadline has done wonderful things with Limulus, his work at getting the community to think about issues.
So many things to think about and write about. I am so far behind on other work though, so this will have to wait for a bit.
One theme seems to be resonating in my mind from this conference. With a few exceptions, most folks have a “lets get it done right” view I find … refreshing … about what they need/plan to do.
This is good.
More than that, with few exceptions, I have a sense of a growing market. A declining number of vendors … the Intel booth where we are located is in a booth that Verari was to have occupied. They are absent, and rumors and speculation are running rampant.
Much more later.

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  1. Yeah, I think it’s been a good show and I think the downsizing of a number of booths has actually been a good thing, it seems a bit more focused than last year (though that could just be a bad memory at work! ;-)).

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