Non-theatrical security

As it turns out, a good friend was on that Northwest flight. I won’t identify him (though I know he reads this blog occasionally). What happened to him has made me think of my own responses in such a scenario. But it has also made me question the TSA’s kneejerk ineffective new guidelines. Especially in […]

simple minded sprints with JackRabbit Flash

A quick and dirty test on a JackRabbit Flash machine. This is a machine going to a proof of concept project soon. A simple 8k random read against 256GB data spread out over 4 volumes. 1 machine. 48GB ram. Open up the throttle on the stock config. Engines aren’t running at full speed, but its […]

Interview from SC09 posted at

I did a few interviews, ranging from bloggers through journalists. This interview is one of the mix. By all means, please do go to their site and see it, and their text around it. I had much more to say, this is an edited down version. Basically I ran the Kx kdb+ demo, the dd […]

Ceph client nearly ready to go into kernel …

Sage Weil has posted on this. Ceph is distributed file system, with an MDS, and a few other things, that looks quite interesting. Not necessarily on the high performance side, but on the simple object storage side. The client going in to 2.6.33 could be quite interesting. Pay attention to Ceph. Think of Lustre, without […]

The danger of controlling too much of your stack …

This is related to an issue we ran in to, today, and several other times. It sounds strange, but if you maintain rigid control over a huge swath of your stack, you run a fairly serious risk of being unable to respond to changing environments as quickly as your competition. The law of un-intended consequences […]

Just one of them days …

We had a bunch of parts overnighted so we could start building some machines. Turns out one critical part for mounting the heat sinks was missing. If that part doesn’t arrive tomorrow, we’ll have to do a work around near term, and worst case, use a slightly different MB/mount for this, as we have that […]

Just too funny …

XKCD comic from a few days ago .. reminds me of the spherical horse joke I used to tell … For those not in the know, physicists like to reduce complex problems to simpler problems, solve the simpler problem … so when designing a faster race-horse, why not make the horse spherical rather than its […]

Perl 6 looks quite good

I had a chance to look at the perl 6 advent calendar. What caught my eye was yesterdays post. In it, meta operators are explained. So here is a common HPC pattern, a reduction operation. Say a sum reduction. Suppose you want to sum up the values in some vector A. In Perl, A would […]