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I did a few interviews, ranging from bloggers through journalists. This interview is one of the mix. By all means, please do go to their site and see it, and their text around it.

I had much more to say, this is an edited down version. Basically I ran the Kx kdb+ demo, the dd demo, and a few other demos while talking. Doug was off on my right, probably laughing at me as I jumbled some things up …
The hand bit? Hey, I’m from NY. I gesticulate wildly. Its in my nature.
The unit on the left is a JR4, the one on the right is a Pegasus deskside supercomputer. The latter sporting a pair of Intel Nehalem W5590 units at 3.33GHz, 48 GB ram, a GPGPU and accelerated video card, and 32x 500GB SATA drives. With all that stuff in there, it was still almost silent. You had to put your ear directly next to it to hear it.

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  1. Excuse me for a asking a dumb question, but I don’t get exactly what is it your company is selling. Apparently you are selling fully-assembled and burned-in servers.
    Do you sell them with no OS, and use pretty standard hardware (SATA AHCI controller?) to let me install and configure the OS my own way, eg. using Linux MD raid.
    Do you sell them with no OS, but use a proprietary RAID controller and ship drivers for the most common OSes?
    But do you sell them with a pre-configured OS of my choice like Linux or Windows, that is already fine-tuned for excellent I/O performance to the local filesystem. IOW a kind of turn-key solution where I don’t even have to worry about how the whole system is architected. But being curious my questions still stand: do you use a proprietary RAID controller, or do you do MD raid, etc.

  2. The last paragraph is meant to start with “Or do you sell them with a pre-configured…”

  3. @pol
    We sell tuned high performance storage and computing systems. These systems are designed to enable users to move, store, and calculate as rapidly as possible.
    Our high performance JackRabbit line is available pre-loaded with one of 3 base OSes, Linux, Windows 2008 Server x64, or OpenSolaris. You may always wipe our default Linux load, and install your own. We don’t recommend this, as our systems are installed and configured as close to optimal as we can make them with our load, using a specially built kernel with tuned drivers, and other bits.
    If you want to use MD RAID, you don’t want to use JackRabbit. Our DeltaV line is built specifically for MD RAID. We use a Linux base load, again with our tuned kernel and bits, as well as our tools for setting up/managing the MD raid. You don’t need to use our tools, you may wipe our load and replace it with yours. But it is an MD RAID based system nonetheless.
    We do focus hard on the system architecture, so you don’t have to worry about the performance. You should get very good performance out of the systems. We measure and test these, and report our testing here and on our site. People are welcome to change the systems we deliver. We will still support them, provide drivers, etc. But they may not get the same performance we do if they do change things.

  4. Thanks a lot! Actually I would rather be using Scalable Informatics’ JackRabbit (as opposed to MD raid on the DeltaV) since you guys seem to have architected the whole system really well, and I trust your expertise.
    What is the storage controller used in JackRabbit? Is it supported by FreeBSD 7? FreeBSD 6?

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