siCluster decloaking

The day job pushed the announcement which went into the SC09 PR black hole out the door today. Also, the first installation is also indicated in the next announcement
Scalable Informatics Introduces siCluster, an Innovative and Highly Scalable Performance Storage Cluster
Canton, MI, Dec 2, 2009Scalable Informatics Inc., a provider of innovative high performance storage and computing solutions, announces the availability of their new siCluster??? storage cluster product (
It is known that as data stores grow exponentially in size, there becomes a need for systems capable of reliably storing and delivering this data to business, scientific, and engineering computing environments. siCluster provides these reliable high performance storage capabilities with the ability to scale rapidly and cost effectively.
“By leveraging JackRabbit high performance, tightly-coupled storage or Delta-V value-priced storage, siCluster enables you to scale uncompromising per-node performance and massive per-node capacity to whatever level you require, whether it’s two terabytes or hundreds of petabytes of raw storage,” said Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO and founder of Scalable Informatics.

Read the rest at the site.
Read about the installation at the site as well.