Blown away at how annoying software installation is, on windows

I’ve argued that RPM … well … building RPMs is bothersome, in part because RPM is a moving target. Its hard to actually build a reasonable package that works correctly on all RPM based or accessible distributions.
But this is nothing compared to the pain that windows people feel. I never knew how much of a stinking pile of week old bits that windows software installation was … that is … until I needed to install a package, a simple basic storage controller package … on a windows 2008 x64 server.
I won’t name the package, or detail much else. Suffice it to say that 48 hours after downloading this package, I cannot get it to load correctly on windows 2008 server x64. I am to the point of deciding to reload windows. How wrong is this? How completely pear shaped is this going?
I think I understand why large companies need many more windows administrators than they do Linux administrators on a per box basis. It makes sense. In an odd sort of way.

2 thoughts on “Blown away at how annoying software installation is, on windows”

  1. I hear you. I assume you’ve tried:
    – right-click “Run As Administrator” for .exe installs (or turning off UAC)
    – adding NETWORKSERVICE to the permissions of any external-pointing service

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