Been busy … as usual

The year is going hard and fast, right out of the gate. Multiple RFPs and new customers. New bits of business left and right. And lets not forget the support side … this is using up lots of time as well. Sales hire is almost done … not to offload, but to augment. Need to […]

HPC in the first decade of a new millenium: a perspective, part 6

The recycling of an older business model using newer technology ASPs began the decade promising to reduce OPEX and CAPEX for HPC systems. They flamed out, badly, as they really didn’t meet their promise, and you had all these nasty issues of data motion, security, jurisdiction, software licenses, utilization, and compatibility. The concept itself wasn’t […]

HPC in the first decade of a new millenium: a perspective, part 4

The impact of markets, and government upon HPC … While the charts from are nice, they don’t tell everything that happened in this interval. We had 3 recessions, 2 major (2001 and the “Great Recession”) and 1 minor one. We had significant changes in research funding from the US federal government … a refocusing […]

pbzip2, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways …

dstat output on a 10GB pbzip2 compressed file being uncompressed … with pbzip2. —-total-cpu-usage—- -dsk/total- -net/total- —paging– —system– usr sys idl wai hiq siq| read writ| recv send| in out | int csw 49 3 42 5 0 0| 35M 95M|3168B 6978B| 0 28k|1575 1198 52 4 39 5 0 0| 39M 188M|2508B 5230B| 0 […]