we blowed up da router …

At the day job. Ok, not a complete blow up … but it lost all of its config for 2 hours. Its an appliance router, and about 4 years old. Starting to show its age. I have a “spare” (as in unused) motherboard/RAM combo, with 4x Intel GbE ports (2x PCI-x cards) that looks like […]

A tale of an RFP gone wrong

… sadly this appears to be true. Specifications were given, and we met the requirements, which entailed a demonstration of a particular level of performance over NFS. In case you aren’t sure, we demonstrated a sustained 1GB/s over NFS between 2 boxes over 10GbE last year. There aren’t too many companies that can do this. […]

On the difference between marketing numbers, and measured numbers …

I should define what I mean by marketing numbers. These are best effort benchmarking numbers assuming the best of all possible test cases, with equipment functioning solely for the benchmark test purposes. These are not benchmark results you will normally achieve in practice. They represent an extrema in performance. Measured benchmark numbers are sensitive to […]

When “required” specifications don’t matter on RFPs …

I’d mentioned this before in other contexts. But we just had an opportunity to bid on something with a very high data rate requirement. We provided a bid with a measurement indicating our performance, knowing full well we were one of very few vendors capable of this sort of performance. Yet purchasing folks appear not […]

On the importance of speed … part 1 of likely many

Raw end user accessible performance on data motion, data storage is rapidly becoming one of the most important problems in any HPC system. We’ve been talking about it for years, but its getting far more important by the day. And not just in HPC. I just spent a long time on the phone with someone […]

I admit it, I am conflicted

We have been sent an RFP from a university we have some history with on bids. Our history has been, not winning the business. The winning bids sometimes (often) deviate wildly from the specifications as we read them. One thing I have learned from my experience with them is that the singular most important aspect […]

“Sustaining” strategies and startups

I read an article on InsideHPC.com that I can’t say I agree with. The discussion on creative destruction is correct. You create a new market by destroying an old market. That has happened many times in HPC, by enabling better, cheaper, faster execution. If our SGI boxen of days old were 1/100th the cost of […]