OpenSolaris 10 (9.06) is pretty good for a task we had tested it with

I’ll describe it more later, but this will be showing up in our siCluster units in short order. Some experiments we did on this over the past week have met with a resounding success, and give us a level of flexibility that I hadn’t anticipated before.
Now, if I can figure out how to integrate Tiburon and Jumpstart (launch Jumpstart from Tiburon), or figure out how to provision OpenSolaris systems over PXE boot. Last I heard, OpenSolaris wasn’t getting JumpStart. Which is fine if there are alternative methods that we can make work. Even if we can’t run installs over the net, we can always run it via iSCSI/diskless, which also solves the problem (and Tiburon can handle this easily).

2 thoughts on “OpenSolaris 10 (9.06) is pretty good for a task we had tested it with”

  1. Solaris 10 still supports jumpstart. Is there something specific you need in OpenSolaris?

  2. @Mark
    Driver updates, bug fixes, etc. We’ve had lots of problems with Solaris 10 stability in the past due to poor drivers. OpenSolaris appears to have more stable and functional drivers. OpenSolaris seems to have a friendlier and saner installation than Solaris. I am not sure why.
    I do note that Nexenta and several others base their work off of OpenSolaris rather than Solaris.
    Finally, very important to us, is the ability to report our benchmark results, which as I learned last year, we cannot do with Solaris, but can do with OpenSolaris.

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