we blowed up da router …

At the day job. Ok, not a complete blow up … but it lost all of its config for 2 hours. Its an appliance router, and about 4 years old. Starting to show its age.
I have a “spare” (as in unused) motherboard/RAM combo, with 4x Intel GbE ports (2x PCI-x cards) that looks like its going to take its place. Just deciding upon the distro to do this. Looking at endian, clearos, and a few others.
Why not another appliance? As much as I like their drop in capabilities, they tend to be based on very slow chips, and can’t really handle even moderate IO rates. We are looking forward to the day (in the near future) when we can get gigabit speeds to the site. DOCIS3 with 50M/10M should be available in the next few months at our site, and the existing unit can’t really handle the 16M/2M load, never mind the faster load. Its time for a better platform.