Why is it that I get more work done on a saturday at the office than all week long at the office?

No … seriously. I solved 2 long standing issues today, one for an internal system now running 12 cores and 32 GB ram (needed a bios update), and the other was fixing the ()*&*&%%$^%(*& problems with a set of GA180 cards.
I dunno, I think the issue is that I have ample time to think without interruption. The family is off swimming (wish I were with them), but getting this done is important.
Next on my agenda is figuring out how to boot Solaris/OpenSolaris from Linux pxelinux. The motherboard doesn’t have IDE connectors, and doesn’t seem to like the SATA DVD, or the USB DVD for booting (grrrr). PXE booting works fine, but, as with all other things about Solaris, their stuff doesn’t quite work the same. So we need some sort of intermediate step between pxeboot environment and their tools. Reading up on multiboot.