Brittle systems

Years ago, we helped a customer set up a Lustre 1.4.x system. This was … well … fun. And not in a good way. Right before the 1.6 transition, we had all sorts of problems. We skipped 1.6, and now we have set up a Lustre 1.8.2 system, and have several on quote now for […]

now OpenSolaris’ future in doubt

Sun/Oracle has decided to change strategy around Solaris. But bad news is for the community as Open Solaris has an uncertain future. Oracle has made clear that not all features from Oracle Solaris will be added to Open Solaris. Oracle may not even release the code of most of the new features of Oracle Solaris […]

This could be huge … and disruptive

ACLU seems to have taken down the BRCA gene patent from Myriad Genetics. This could actually change a chunk of the drug development business model. I am not sure if this is a good thing (the business model change), though I also didn’t think that one could patent what is effectively naturally generated prior art. […]

The evolution of the data center

Way back in the day, data centers used to be cold. Cold air came in, and usually in hot-aisle/cold-aisle configs, left through the back. Power per rack was measured in a few thousand watts. Cooling per rack could be mebbe one ton of AC. Up to two in the worst case. Then stuff got denser. […]

There is/was a name for my pain

… yeah, the kidney stone saga continues. Had a basket extraction Wednesday, fine most of Thursday till evening, then Friday morning, they decided to remind me who was boss. Off the the ER I went, in terrible pain. Kidney stones are not life threatening, though there are times you wish death was less painful. Well, […]

Fixed up some of the siCluster tools

Well … more correctly, fixed the data model to be saner, so that the tools would be easier to develop and use. Still a few more things to do, and one (simple) presentation abstraction to set up. The gist of it is that (apart from the automatically added nodes), adding nodes by hand should be […]