now OpenSolaris' future in doubt

Sun/Oracle has decided to change strategy around Solaris.

But bad news is for the community as Open Solaris has an uncertain future. Oracle has made clear that not all features from Oracle Solaris will be added to Open Solaris. Oracle may not even release the code of most of the new features of Oracle Solaris thus keep an edge over UNIX competitors and community version. While price factor does not matter much, the code factor does matter a lot.

What does this do for Nexenta and others, with business dependencies upon OpenSolaris? We looked to OpenSolaris for a more up-to-date, less buggy Solaris. We are looking at this for one of our siCluster offerings … this might have to change now.
Makes sense from an Oracle perspective though.

1 thought on “now OpenSolaris' future in doubt”

  1. BTW: I should say a definitive “UGH” at this. We’ve been playing with OS for a while, and thought that (outside of the Nexenta offering) it finally hit upon something of enough value that we should be looking seriously at it. These licensing changes do concern me, but more to the point, the changes of the cost structures are unknown right now. Uncertainty is bad.

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