On the test track with a new rev jr4

Finishing a siCluster build for a customer. We need to see what we can do here. On the test track, and opening up the throttle wide.

[root@jr4-1 burn-in]# fio sw.fio 

  write: io=97,808MB, bw=1,501MB/s, iops=188, runt= 65183msec

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
  WRITE: io=97,808MB, aggrb=1,501MB/s, minb=1,537MB/s, maxb=1,537MB/s, mint=65183msec, maxt=65183msec

[root@jr4-1 burn-in]# fio sr.fio 


  read : io=97,808MB, bw=1,975MB/s, iops=248, runt= 49521msec

Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=97,808MB, aggrb=1,975MB/s, minb=2,022MB/s, maxb=2,022MB/s, mint=49521msec, maxt=49521msec

Thats nice …

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