Ceph client made it in to 2.6.34

I’ve pointed to Ceph before. It is an object storage file system, with lots of very nice features, current and planned. As a cluster file system, it has much going for it. Combined with btrfs, and a few other things, this could be a very exciting development. This is a good thing. Stay tuned for […]

As the market changes …

I’ve argued for a while that accelerators are going to be a creative and destructive force in HPC. They profoundly change the cost per cycle landscape, as well as the number of cycles per unit time. I’ve pointed out here that despite some misunderstanding of transformative technological trends, that better cheaper faster is one of […]

A good read: from Glen at Dell

For those who don’t know Dr. Glen Otero, he has been a tireless advocate for all things HPC in Life sciences. His background is in computational immunology. Great to work with. He has an article on the Dell Tech Center (yeah, I know, I need to update the blogroll, I’ll do it this weekend) on […]

“New” File systems worth watching

The day job currently has siClusters in the field with GlusterFS, Lustre, and a few other “older” parallel file systems. GlusterFS is a distributed file system with a very interesting and powerful design concept. It is under active development by a venture backed company, Gluster, Inc. I can’t say enough good things about it, and […]

Sale announcement coming for day job soon

We are working on the text of this, but it is for organizations within the state of Michigan. We like our state, and we are going to give an extra discount for credit card/cash purchases over the next few months. Details to emerge. If there is interest outside of the state of Michigan, please reply […]

Compute safely … attacks on the rise

Going this morning to a customer who had a set of systems compromised. It appears that a windows trojan did some keylogging, and someone logged in, as root, from the compromised machine. Whoops. Folks, stay safe. Don’t use passwords for ssh. Use keys. And, bluntly, seriously reconsider running any windows machine anywhere near a server/HPC […]