second siCluster sold and being built, third hopefully on its way to being ordered

[one must not post when on pain medication … nope, bad idea]
somewhat exceeding our targets for Q1 on these units.
I had hoped to have had an additional sales resource online by now, but the person I wanted to hire chose a different path. More power to him.
Will continue to look for the right person (here in Michigan).
First siCluster in Texas. University deal, GlusterFS atop it. Several more deals we are working on as well. Hopefully some new bits soon there
Reworking our reseller bits. We want to make sure going forward, that our resellers can win business, and have it work out profitably for all. Sadly this hasn’t been the case all of the time in the past, for any number of reasons.
Moreover I am noticing (again) that if left to their own devices, folks will invariably build configurations that don’t make much sense. We’ve seen some partners tell us “hey, we know what we are doing, so we will do it fo you.” Only to discover later, some of the worst possible configuration choices one could make. I know this annoys people, in that many folks want to start with their own concept of control. Unfortunately, when our name is on the box, and its been misconfigured by a partner or a customer, we get the heat for that.
You can always reload the box, and we’ve had a few customers that have done this. When they do, we practically have to beg them to try it before reloading, to make sure they understand what they are giving up. Its funny, in that many will buy based upon the numbers we obtain, and then they will subsequently set the unit up in such a way to prevent the users from ever seeing this level of performance. I don’t quite understand this, but hey, thats the way it goes I suppose.