There is/was a name for my pain

… yeah, the kidney stone saga continues. Had a basket extraction Wednesday, fine most of Thursday till evening, then Friday morning, they decided to remind me who was boss. Off the the ER I went, in terrible pain. Kidney stones are not life threatening, though there are times you wish death was less painful.
Well, now one of 3 has been removed (second extraction), other 2 will be blown up soon. Original one still a minor issue, hopefully no more work interruptions. Have a stent to relieve pressure. Trust me, that hurts. Have some nice meds to hopefully help me not worry so much about it either. Allowed to have coffee again (woot) after not having it since Tuesday …
Of course, during this time, trying to help customers out with issues, while drugged to the gills.

4 thoughts on “There is/was a name for my pain”

  1. Misery loves company. I ended up in the hospital last Sat. and found my 9th kidney stone. This one they are going to make me pass through (yuck). I was hoping for Lithotripsy but it was never offered and I hate the basket method (especially the stent extraction!).

    • @Jeff
      Wow … hope you are better soon. I’m 1/3 of the way there.
      Basket extraction definitely sucks. I was in pain for several days. The person doing my stent did a wonderful job of it. I did feel it in there, but they knocked me out so I don’t remember squat.
      I did the lithotripsy, but haven’t seen fragments yet. This worries me. Drinking huge amounts of water and lemonade. Turns out that tweaking your chemistry a little could help dissolve/break them up.
      I’m mostly better now, just a few more days of recovery. Won’t do sparring at my schools forthcoming tournament (lost a lot from 3 weeks off), so I’ll stick with the easier bits (kata + weapons).

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