Now 2TB SAS drives are within ~10% the price of 2TB SATA drives …

(7200 RPM 3.5 inch) SAS has a few specific advantages over (7200 RPM 3.5 inch) SATA, not enough to justify a 50% premium for storage clusters and many storage apps. A 10%? Yeah, I think that could work.
I’d like to build a few more of these. Definitely.

4 thoughts on “Now 2TB SAS drives are within ~10% the price of 2TB SATA drives …”

  1. Can you call out a few advantages of the SAS drives over the SATA ones? They’ve always been out of my price range before now.

  2. @nothanks
    SATA drives signalling is clocked 1/4 the speed of SAS, SATA is a half duplex signaling system, SAS is full duplex.
    Those are the biggies. Basically, when pricing is this close (under 10% delta), it probably makes sense to go with SAS.

  3. I haven’t seen any direct comparison but usually SAS drives also have higher vibration limits than SATA drives.
    The other thing is that they have higher URE rates – but personally I don’t believe those. I usually work off the SATA URE rates for all drives.

  4. Supposedly SATA drivers can not be used in SAN systems which have more then one host using the same drive (like a cluster quorum drive). So in that sense SAS is the the same as the older SCSI-drivers. Dell for their server trays has SATA Interposer boards.

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