OT: Back to (almost) normal

Stent is out, kidney stones should be gone (modulo lithotripsy). Anesthetic really took it out of me on Monday, and I’d argue, on Tuesday. Happily, after Monday night, I was off of pain meds. I don’t like stuff that messes with my head, and what they gave me definitely messed with my head. I had […]

Delivered two clusters last week …

one siCluster, one specialty computing system. Added 1/8th of a PetaByte to our shipped storage. I do apologize, we’ve been busy. And, by all indications, we haven’t seen nuthin yet. Lots of business queued up for Q2, including several siClusters, several specialist computing clusters, and a number of deskside supers in the CX1 and Pegasus […]

I guess this means that it is ending 15 years early?

From this article one gets the impression that Windows will not be supporting Itanium anymore. Way back during the initial marketing onslaught of Itanium, it was said to be the architecture for the next 25 years for Intel. That was a decade ago. It seems to be losing software support fairly rapidly though. Its hard […]

Rethinking how we build and invest in partnerships

One of the things smaller companies want to do is to build alliances that are mutually beneficial … be they reseller relationships, or partnerships where the sum of the two partners offerings provides significant tangible benefits for customers. Enhance offerings, provide more value to customers. These need to be two way streets … they can’t […]

Cluster file systems views

We’ve had a chance to do a compare/contrast in recent months between GlusterFS and Lustre. Way back in the 1.4 Lustre time period, we helped a customer get up and going with it. I seem to remember thinking that this was simply not something I felt comfortable leaving at a customer site without a dedicated […]

Did distributed memory really win?

About a decade or more ago, there was a “fight” if you will, for the future of high performance computing systems application level programming interfaces. This fight was between proponents of SMP and shared memory systems in general, and DMP shared-nothing approaches. In the ensuing years, several important items influenced the trajectory of application development. […]