Capital update

Last year, we began working with a local group whose founder/president I had known for a few years previously. I won’t name them. We have a real need for capital. The company is self funded, and this means we fund all purchases out of our own pocket, or from our own lines of credit. And […]

Maybe I need to move …

Saw this post on /. and the article it linked to. In it, the authors discuss human capital, the density of “smart people” (which they define as those with baccalaureate and graduate degrees). Using their particular definition (I won’t say if I do or do not agree with it right now), Detroit area, where we […]

OT: tournament update

So it was an experience getting back from Chicago to attend my tournament. But it was worth it. First the experience: Flight out was supposed to be at 4:40pm CST. Was delayed a little (airport was hectic), annoyed me a bit, as I had volunteered to help on the tournament setup, and I wound up […]

The future of kernel-specific version subsystems

One of the issues we ran into with Lustre on our siCluster was the inability to use the kernel of our choice. Lustre is quite invasive in its patch sets. So modern kernels, ones with subsystem fixes, driver updates, and other things we need …. can’t necessarily host Lustre without some serious forward porting of […]

What a difference a distribution makes for Lustre

Lustre 1.8.2 on SuSE is IMO, broken. I am not sure if it is repairable. Most of my comments on the brittle nature of Lustre come from this. Reloading with Centos 5.4, we are rock solid stable. Its scary. I am not sure what the issue is, but I think all future Lustre deployments we […]

Half open source drivers

[Update] my apologies on the trackback/pingback spam. 33 of these. Given how people are attempting to influence Google et al.’s searching algorithm by initiating these pingbacks/trackbacks … This is what SEO buys us folks. It wastes our time and resources cleaning up after it, and it negatively impacts the quality of responses to queries. This […]