ever have one of "those days" …

My wife consoles me with a yin-yang view. Hopefully some large amount of goodness is to occur soon.
Ever have a day where you just can’t get ahead of the support queue … stuff keeps piling up. You run an errand and people call. You walk them through problems, and more call. For every one problem you fix, two new ones show up. Pretty soon, everyone is answering phones, and dealing with problems. Most of which turn out to be non-problems. Like cables not seated in power supplies, or power supplies not correctly inserted.
Ever have a day where you can’t get the IRS to give you a form, because “they don’t want to.” (after spending an hour on the phone asking them why they wouldn’t take your check, and it was because of the missing form you can’t get, that you had to drive 30 miles to get a copy of because they don’t allow you to print your own copy … and their electronic version of things won’t let you register to work around dealing with this)
Ever have a day when the state’s view of taxes owed, and your accountants view of taxes owed differ by a factor of 4 … and no, not in your favor.
There are quite a few more “Ever have a day”. I know I’m not the only one. Please feel free to post yours.
I am hoping tomorrow will be much better. Maybe we are about to get a massive order. That yin-yang thing. Yeah. Thats the ticket. :/

2 thoughts on “ever have one of "those days" …”

    • @Alexander:
      Yeah … I guess I should. Today was better. Still don’t have answers for all the questions I need to get answers for, but I have a process to work through.
      Off to take some time to play with my bo tonight. Competition is only 2 weeks away, and I am rusty.

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