I am slowly coming to the realization …

that basic systems management and configuration are neither well known nor well understood, by the vast majority of people. Even the ones with certifications who should know this stuff. This is leading me to rethink some of the basic elements of the out-of-box experience. Part of this is driven by the tendency of certain distributions […]

siCluster in action (blinken-blue-lights)

Running some burn-in testing as I remember (older video) … [FLOWPLAYER=/wp-content/videos/siCluster_in_action.flv,320,200] You can just feel the bits-a-flowing … paraphrasing Apocalypse Now “I love the smell of many GB/s in the morning …” Viewed 16789 times by 3982 viewers

Hmm … patenting a market process ….

/. linked to a newly granted patent by Amazon. I am all for good patents, but given the number of … er … not so good ones I’ve read through, as well as obvious rehashing of existing work … I don’t know what to make of this one. This seems … well … like patenting […]

RAID is not backup … really …

A customer with a RAID6 and RAID1 OS drive just had what amounts to an epic failure. 4 drives gone. These are pretty good drives, not a known bad batch. Data points to environmental issues (heat). They don’t understand it, given the nice AC in there, but looking at the drives, a number of them […]

You’ve been comcasted!

Strong storms ran through the area Friday night. And it messed with TV and internet. The former, not so concerned about. The latter … scalability.org runs from a home machine. We don’t generate revenue from it, and I am not willing to host it on a provider so I don’t want it to be marginally […]

Fortran IO giving customers grief

This is annoying. Intel’s compilers do unbuffered IO by default (as in out of the box). Which means if you have code like this: #define BIG 1000000000 real*8 X(BIG) do i=1,BIG write (unit=10,*) X(i) enddo then you are going to suffer terrible performance, as Fortran (Intel’s compiled version) will do a flush at the end […]

Unintended consequences …

So the fine folks at Adobe have decided to yank the beta for 10.1 flash player for 64 bit Linux. And in a Kafkaesque manner, have suggested discussing this in the forum … which they marked as “read only”. Umm …. are they trying, purposely, to lend credence to Steve Jobs’ points about closed technologies […]

Open source and billion dollar ($109USD) companies

An interesting post in computer world UK on why open source companies, and Redhat in particular are not larger. The raison d’etre for open source in business is an effective reduction in costs. The increase in quality over some of the closed source alternatives is also very attractive. Increased quality lowers costs. Of course, not […]