… and parascale appears to be in trouble …

Provider of a “cloud NAS” (getting to be a crowded market), and then doing strategy switching … hmmm.
The Register has the story. Sounds like they tried to grab one of our mantras, apparently unsuccessfully. I am not sure if they are a competitor, we’ve never run into them. The register piece notes the crowded NAS landscape, but doesn’t seem to be looking at the cluster storage landscape which, I’d argue, was more of the parascale play.
They are/were not that much different from other centralized MDS distributed data systems (e.g. similar problem solved as Lustre etc). They claim(ed) easier management, self healing, and other bits. But ceph is rapidly stabilizing, and would likely obviate the need for their system.
In short, it does look like they are battening down the hatches for a rough ride. This would be true of any other startup with a large cost structure, insufficient revenue to pay for that cost structure. Such companies are going hat in hand to VC’s, to try to get them to cough up more money so that they can build a business.
We took the alternative approach. We built the business first. If you can’t live on your revenue, you aren’t a real business.