ext3 branch Next3 released

This is interesting at some level, as it is ext3 with snapshots. It is also not as interesting as it is based on … ext3 … which isn’t exactly a high performance file system. Not to mention the 8TB limit on volumes, and 2TB on files. Haven’t seen customers run into the latter, have seen them run into the former. Head first, and hard.
I’d argue that this capability would be better merged with ext4, though as I understand it, Ted T’so isn’t quite interested at this point. Merging this into ext4 could be hard.
Interesting though.

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  1. There’s a good LWN article on Next3 from early May when it was announced – their summary is:

    The answer appears fairly clear: patches adding the snapshot feature might be welcome, but not as a fork of the ext3 filesystem. At a bare minimum, the filesystem format will have to be changed to avoid conflicts with ext4, but the real solution appears to be simply implementing the patches on top of ext4 instead of ext3. That is a fair amount of extra work which might have been avoided had the Next3 developers talked with the community prior to starting to code.

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