… and parascale appears to be in trouble …

Provider of a “cloud NAS” (getting to be a crowded market), and then doing strategy switching … hmmm. The Register has the story. Sounds like they tried to grab one of our mantras, apparently unsuccessfully. I am not sure if they are a competitor, we’ve never run into them. The register piece notes the crowded […]

ext3 branch Next3 released

This is interesting at some level, as it is ext3 with snapshots. It is also not as interesting as it is based on … ext3 … which isn’t exactly a high performance file system. Not to mention the 8TB limit on volumes, and 2TB on files. Haven’t seen customers run into the latter, have seen […]

Lustre’s future

I’ve written here in the past about this. I have concerns as we have multiple customers using Lustre, and the official roadmap for support/releases for Lustre is anything but assuring. Moreover, it completely forecloses upon independent appliance makers using Lustre without blessing from a competitive/engaged Oracle … it is left to the reader to decide […]

ZFS on Linux?

It appears that this is in process … no, not simply the ZFS on FUSE, but a full fledged kernel subsystem. This is interesting. ZFS is of course, the Sun file system which has had an altogether ridiculous amount of hype, while having a modest set of nice features. The Solaris and OpenSolaris was released […]

Oracle/Sun to axe products based upon Opteron

Well, this link from 2 weeks ago in The Reg claims this. If this is the case, and I have no reason to doubt it, not only has thumper been EOLed, but Thor as well. We are already working out trade-in deals for customers with some of these EOLed bits. Looks like more in progress […]

The joy of VOIP

Our VOIP provider has some significant problems. A utility provider can’t make changes and then insist that we’ve changed something in our own network (we haven’t), as to the reason why the phones enter endless reboot cycles. Their firmware updates seem not to like traversing our router anymore. But we didn’t change our router. They […]

Going to need to write up a site preparation sheet …

… that covers some basic things. Like cooling, power, IPMI, … We’ve seen a common thread throughout a number of data centers recently, where we’ve placed a machine. Occasionally, the airflow will be too low or, following the fads as of late, too warm, to be effective at cooling a high performance machine. More to […]

This wouldn’t surprise me if true …

Financial Times reports Google is restricting Windows deployments for security reasons. We do still run windows, but mostly in VMs at this point. Frankly, this is one of the very few ways we know that we can be safe in using Windows. We can recover from the nearly inevitable viri/trojans quickly. In part by not […]