The joy of VOIP

Our VOIP provider has some significant problems. A utility provider can’t make changes and then insist that we’ve changed something in our own network (we haven’t), as to the reason why the phones enter endless reboot cycles.
Their firmware updates seem not to like traversing our router anymore. But we didn’t change our router. They did change their firmware. Since that change, we’ve had all manner of problems.
So I think we are going to have to fire them and find a new provider. VOIP can’t be this hard. Lots of folks are doing it. The phones aren’t bad.
But this has become more than a distraction, and we haven’t seen solutions emerge. Going outside our router/firewall just to handle broken firmware, which removes all the benefits our failover/load balance router provides … not gonna do it. Insisting we change our router in a manner which would render it unusable … no … we aren’t going to do that either.