This wouldn't surprise me if true …

Financial Times reports Google is restricting Windows deployments for security reasons.
We do still run windows, but mostly in VMs at this point. Frankly, this is one of the very few ways we know that we can be safe in using Windows. We can recover from the nearly inevitable viri/trojans quickly. In part by not letting Windows touch the silicon directly. We can bottle it up, put hard restrictions on it, and if it gets infected, revert very quickly to a previous non-infected variant.

Further, important data shouldn’t be stored within the VM (or within Windows). This is for an external trustable storage medium.
My laptop runs Linux and Windows 7 now, dual boot. Its rare that I get back to using Windows, most of my work goes fine in Linux. For when I need it for short durations, I’ll light up the VM. It works acceptably fast. For longer durations, if absolutely needed, I’ll boot the Windows partition. Typically, I do this every few weeks for virus scan updates and OS updates anyway.
I do expect this to be a significant trend going forward. Not just from Google.