Unintended consequences …

So the fine folks at Adobe have decided to yank the beta for 10.1 flash player for 64 bit Linux. And in a Kafkaesque manner, have suggested discussing this in the forum … which they marked as “read only”.
Umm …. are they trying, purposely, to lend credence to Steve Jobs’ points about closed technologies that are bug ridden?

This project is being closed apparently due to a zero day hard-to-fix exploit … based upon a supposition that the recent flash exploits had been patched on some platforms.
We are seeing good demand for Linux desktops. Many people now realize you can run Linux on a machine, and run windows in a window or on a remote VM. Windows performance isn’t normally great, so running in a VM isn’t a huge loss. And you get to run the same code as you do on your supercomputers in the same manner. And you get to run your windows machine safely, in that if it gets all virused up you can easily revert to a previous instance. Just don’t save important documents in the VM and you are fine.
This growth in Linux desktops does lower costs. Fewer antivirus installs, fewer OS licenses, fewer …
As I said, I must be missing something. Running away from a growing market? They should either re-open the beta, or re-open the forums and start giving roadmaps. Lest the get the growing hoard of Linux desktop users clamoring for alternative technologies … which would add to a cacophonous chorus of people sick of proprietary and buggy platforms.

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  1. I wonder what Google is going to do about Flash on Chrome OS, which I believe is based on Ubuntu. No doubt they are trying to get youtube over to HTML5 as fast as possible.

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