You knew something like this was coming …

Oracle setting Solaris on HP boxen. Oracle wants the hardware revenue too … though it could also be a step to dropping x64 platforms for Solaris.

As you may have heard, Oracle has exercised its right to terminate HP’s Solaris technical support agreement. If you have purchased Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Software Technical Support for HP ProLiant servers from HP, then you will continue to receive subscription support from Oracle and technical support from HP for the period of your contract. You will be able to purchase 1 and 3 year Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Support from HP until July1, 2010. No renewals will be accepted after this date. HP will deliver technical support through June 30, 2013. After that date, HP will no longer be in a position to provide Solaris technical support.

I can’t see how this is a good move for Solaris ubiquity, given the ability of HP to move hardware. And the name of the game for growing OS support is … curiously … ubiquity.

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