… and another Solaris OEM agreement bites the dust …

(with apologies to Queen)
Looks like Oracle/IBM have parted ways on Solaris.
None of this bodes well for Solaris market share. If Oracle wants a private OS to run for Oracle’s apps, to compel people to buy its hardware/OS to run, then, well, it might pursue a strategy like this.
Or maybe IBM demanded onerous terms.
Or …
Ok, we don’t know. But that agreement is coming to an end. Which suggests that Oracle isn’t interested in saving it.
What does this say about OpenSolaris? I’d say that the deadline given by the OpenSolaris board a few weeks ago is going to go by without a peep from Oracle.
[update] Looks like this whole exercise was a negotiating ploy by Oracle. Proliants will offer Solaris (not OpenSolaris). Same with Dell.
I think the writing on the wall for OpenSolaris is really easy to read now.