… and projects have to figure out their future …

OpenSolaris future is very much in doubt. There is a shelf life on this product, it expires 16-August-2010, unless Oracle decides to communicate actively with the project.
I had suggested this previously, that OpenSolaris is likely under serious review by Oracle. What possible business model could they have for OpenSolaris to be accretive to Oracle’s bottom line, when they give it away, and others get support revenue from it? Well there are several possible, but they involve some changes to licensing, and support models.

Look at it this way … if the political battles within Oracle have concluded, and they have decided to let OpenSolaris wither and die, how would they act? Likely the way they are now. Why expend any energy, even to acknowledge its demise, when you can just ignore it?
This isn’t good for any folks who have built business dependencies upon OpenSolaris. We’ve spoken with a few … all have been concerned over its future. We looked at using OpenSolaris in one of our products, as well as offering it as an option on our units.
It will be sad to see this go. It has some neat technology within it. But it doesn’t help Oracle make money. Which is Oracle’s mission. As it should be.