As of 1-August-2010 … two important milestones have been reached

First, and most important … my 19th wedding anniversary. Woot! I’m a lucky guy, and I know it!
Second, and very important for the day job front, we’ve been in business 8 years … self bootstrapped, profitable, and growing. This is not to say we don’t need capital, but we are a business first, and making a loss is not something we can sustain for very long, as we fund our operations from our cash flow.
I posted previously about Chris Mellor’s article on Bluearc … it seems that many of the high end storage vendors (apart from EMC and Netapp) are having trouble doing what we do.
I should also point out that, much like last year, this year is absolutely record setting for us. Of that I am happy. But we are fighting the standard battles of smaller companies … getting capital to fund various things is very tough right now. I am learning (more than I ever knew before) about international finance bits … and how to deal with large overseas purchases. There is a whole industry around this. Its interesting … fascinating … and hopefully workable.