On the test track with a new Delta-V

At the day job, we have another to finish building today, and then build the RAID. This is the 3rd unit of the new generation of Delta-V’s, and they are generally showing better overall performance than the older versions.
Delta-V’s are cost optimized storage platforms, suitable for block and file storage targets, as well as very cost effective cluster storage platforms. You do need good performance on your storage devices … especially as the size of storage grows.
This is what we are seeing for streaming writes and reads (much larger than system ram).

[root@dv4-1 ~]# fio sw.fio
Run status group 0 (all jobs):
  WRITE: io=31,748MB, aggrb=449MB/s, minb=460MB/s, maxb=460MB/s, mint=70739msec, maxt=70739msec

449 MB/s? Not bad at all for writes.
For reads

[root@dv4-1 ~]# fio sr.fio
Run status group 0 (all jobs):
   READ: io=32,768MB, aggrb=1,005MB/s, minb=1,029MB/s, maxb=1,029MB/s, mint=32612msec, maxt=32612msec

1 GB/s. Not bad at all.
Especially considering that this is not hardware RAID, but we are using RAID6.
Random IO rates won’t be that good for this setup due to the RAID6. We are building the other one as a RAID10, so hopefully this will result in better results for the random IO side.