OT: The day job documentation site is up, with content being added

There is a back story on this. Basically writing documentation takes a while, and when it changes, you have to update many things. I personally find this task painful … in the sense of its hard to make small changes the way most documentation works.
In addition, for years, we’ve been wanting to go “all electronic”. Paper and printed documentation gets lost or destroyed, you have to regenerate it … and oh, as noted above, its hard to make small changes. Not only that, it is still (currently) hard to print an mpeg video of racking a machine, removing a fan, replacing a hard drive … on a sheet of paper.

So we built our wiki (as we did for our internal knowledge base) and are using it for our documentation site. We are populating it now (slowly, but in an incremental manner well suited to wikis) with bits that we have from our paper/PDF documentation.
Access is via account, full access provided to customers paying for our support, and partial access to customers without support. Accounts will be available shortly for our customers, we will send out emails when ready.
I am happy, as we have been meaning to do this for a while … and finally have moved forward with it. We’ve been a strong proponent of wikis for a long time as knowledge bases, both internal to our site and external to our customers.