OT: The joy that are kidney stones

No … seriously … not.
I spent the 2.5 of the last 4 days in hospital, and yesterday, had to go to the ER to deal with complications and some fairly incredible amounts of pain. I had to postpone phone calls, a trip to Chicago, etc. Not happy about this.
And in the course of this, I learned I had yet another stone on the right.
Let me reiterate. Toradol is your friend if you are in this way. Don’t let anyone prescribe simple Vicoden, which does nothing for inflammation. Yeah, Toradol is stressful on the kidneys. But it controls inflammation pretty quickly, where Vicoden is basically a hack on your perception of pain. The former deals with the source of the issue, the latter, not so much.
Next week, I should be back on the ball, and hopefully will have a better handle on what the heck is causing all this grief.

1 thought on “OT: The joy that are kidney stones”

  1. Toradol! Toradol!Toradol!
    Tried 3 other kidney stone pain killers before finding Toradol.
    Advice from a stone sufferer: If you can’t always drink gallons of water every day or avoid high oxalate foods or sodas or alcohol like me, you should check out the new OTC nutraceuticals introduced recently that claim to significantly reduce the risk of stones by adjusting your kidney chemistry. One in particular was created by a leading kidney doctor and is a mixture of mostly natural ingredients in capsule form. http://RenalStat.com

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