OT: The joy that are kidney stones

No … seriously … not. I spent the 2.5 of the last 4 days in hospital, and yesterday, had to go to the ER to deal with complications and some fairly incredible amounts of pain. I had to postpone phone calls, a trip to Chicago, etc. Not happy about this. And in the course of […]

On the test track with a new Delta-V

At the day job, we have another to finish building today, and then build the RAID. This is the 3rd unit of the new generation of Delta-V’s, and they are generally showing better overall performance than the older versions. Delta-V’s are cost optimized storage platforms, suitable for block and file storage targets, as well as […]

OT: round four of kidney stones

i’d like to file a bug report on my biochemistry … There is something not quite right about getting another stone so quickly Well at least I know what happens next. If you are ever in this situation yourself remember Toradol is your friend. Well hopefully this one will go easier than the previous. Viewed […]

Thoughts on SSDs, spinning rust, …

So SSDs are upon us with a vengeance. No one is actively predicting the death of spinning rust … yet. But its in the back of many folks minds, even if they aren’t saying it now. Similar to the death of tape. Yeah, I know, its still around. Call that the long tail. Sequential storage […]

… and projects have to figure out their future …

OpenSolaris future is very much in doubt. There is a shelf life on this product, it expires 16-August-2010, unless Oracle decides to communicate actively with the project. I had suggested this previously, that OpenSolaris is likely under serious review by Oracle. What possible business model could they have for OpenSolaris to be accretive to Oracle’s […]

As the market changes …

As noted in the previous post, the EC2 CC1 bit is likely to be game changing for commercial users. The market is undergoing one of its transformations, but I am seeing two different, actually complementary trends, occurring at the same time. When these changes have happened in the past, a process of creative destruction has […]

This could be game changing for lots of users

Amazon announced the EC2 availability for HPC users. As per the article on InsideHPC, previous incarnations of EC2 didn’t really work well for low latency jobs or large runs. They still have a storage issue (e.g. storage performance and parallel IO), that we’d be happy to help with. Why is this potentially game changing for […]