Start popping the pop-corn, this is getting interesting to watch …

Outright bidding war between Dell and HP for 3Par. HP topped Dells bid, so Dell responded. Press releases were released. They continued to walk do the aisle. And then HP upped its bid. Currently at $1.8B and climbing. Thinking about HPs strategy, I wonder if they really want 3PAR or if they really want to … Read moreStart popping the pop-corn, this is getting interesting to watch …

Lustre 1.8.4 and 2.0 have been released

Normally would suggest going to the Lustre site for details, though it hasn’t rolled over yet. So look here for 1.8.4 download, and here for 2.0 download. The 2.0 GA release has a changelog which is sparse, but to be expected. The 1.8.4 GA release changelog is here.

More updated JackRabbit benchmark pr0n: bonnie++

Again, this is our 5th generation JackRabbit unit, sold as individual servers or in siCluster storage clusters.
Baseline bonnie++ results. Remember, I am not a fan of using this as a test engine, as I’ve noted in the blog a few times.
Very basic, very simple test.
Machine has 144GB ram, so we need to write 288GB for the test. It is configured for streaming IO, not random IO. RAID6’s, not RAID0. 24 SATA 2 drives. 7200 RPM.

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Untuned basic time trials

So we have a new generation (5th) JackRabbit in the lab, for a financial services customer. Have lots of similar machines out to bit for next generation sequencing (NGS), and many other things.
This is the initial bring up test run. I think you might like these numbers.
First off, configuration:

  • RAID6 volumes. These are NOT RAID0. I want to emphasize this.
  • Primary storage are SATA 2 drives at 7200 RPM. Not SAS at 10k or 15k RPM. Not SSD drives
  • Our tuned kernel/driver stack, and hardware accelerated RAID
  • 9TB usable space. Will calculate the storage wall height below. It is quite good (e.g. low)

You can order these machines today, individually, or in siClusters. Imagine aggregating N of these machines for a bandwidth multiplier of N. See below for the bandwidth.

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