Never seen anything like this before. Ever.

[update] I am starting to think some of these things are heat issues. Not generated heat, but ambient heat. I took a pair of SSDs from our lab (running quite warm, 5 ton AC unit ready to be hooked up) which were giving minor read errors (different vendor), and they operated flawlessly in my basement […]

Tiburon, now with booting over iSCSI

Woot … have it working nicely in the lab. A few more tweaks to the environment, and we should be able to test in the field. We’ve been comparing NFS booting, iSCSI booting, and ramdisk based booting for siCluster systems. We’ve been wanting to do more than PXE loads, and provide multiple levels of resiliency […]

Preparing for a new JackRabbit benchmark report

We’ve been gathering data on the new machine. So far, it has exceeded our expectations a bit. Its one of, if not the fastest … and not by a little bit mind you, spinning rust 24 drive SATA 2 server we’ve seen in the market. Obviously we are happy with this. Gathering more data. Will […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-27

New revision of #scalableinformatics #jackrabbit JR4 machine is positively roaring. > 2GB/s sustained read/write on 1TB writes/reads # Powered by Twitter Tools Viewed 23112 times by 4674 viewers

Lustre 1.8.4 and 2.0 have been released

Normally would suggest going to the Lustre site for details, though it hasn’t rolled over yet. So look here for 1.8.4 download, and here for 2.0 download. The 2.0 GA release has a changelog which is sparse, but to be expected. The 1.8.4 GA release changelog is here. Viewed 19734 times by 4425 viewers

More updated JackRabbit benchmark pr0n: bonnie++

Again, this is our 5th generation JackRabbit unit, sold as individual servers or in siCluster storage clusters. Baseline bonnie++ results. Remember, I am not a fan of using this as a test engine, as I’ve noted in the blog a few times. Very basic, very simple test. Machine has 144GB ram, so we need to […]

Untuned basic time trials

So we have a new generation (5th) JackRabbit in the lab, for a financial services customer. Have lots of similar machines out to bit for next generation sequencing (NGS), and many other things. This is the initial bring up test run. I think you might like these numbers. First off, configuration: RAID6 volumes. These are […]

Going to the test track tomorrow …

… building what is arguably the fastest JR4 unit to date, for a customer in financial services. Those folks really seem to like us. I’ll update as soon as I can. Should be interesting (barring any issues). Will do some baseline speed trials, and if things look good, we’ll hit the accelerator hard and see […]

For the cloud business model to work, this can’t happen

Microsoft hit by cloudy downtime in US Two-hour outage for some hosted services One very important leg that cloud stands upon is “I can get to my data and applications no matter what” subject to the availability of networking and clients capable of reaching that data. Sort of like “I can drive to Traverse City, […]