Ahh … the joy of business …

I like what we do, we are pretty good at it.
Every now and then though, we have some …er … more interesting moments.
Have a customer now who, for the past several invoices, has required us to engage legal counsel to get them to pay. This is ridiculous … I’ve thought of naming and shaming them, but its not worth it. Firing them as a customer is what the business books recommend. Have them take their “business” to our competitors. That provides us a net competitive advantage, as they cost us less time/effort/money for the revenue we get from them.
There are others, but I am reluctant to write about them now. Lets see how they play out over the next few days. I can tell you that we are going to alter some of our payment policies for overseas sales to specific geographies. As we have discovered, it is very hard to get lenders to underwrite business in certain geographies. Most don’t want to touch some of the geographies. Others we have spoken with have told us that their MO is cash upfront for every order from these geographies. I think we are simply going to adopt that model going forward for these geographies.

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