Did I mention RAID is not backup?

Another customer, been bugging them about this for a while. Get a backup of your data. Don’t presume that RAID means you can’t back it up.
Then they encounter an issue.
So … work with me on this.
What is the cost of making 1 copy for cold storage somewhere? Cost in time and in hardware for storage.
Then compare to that, what is the cost of recreating the lost data should something break? Or the cost of liability if you have other people with a business dependency upon your data storage, who will likely sue you if you cause their businesses to go kaput (thanks to you not maintaining backups)?
Yes, there are people like this. Yes, they think RAID is a backup, or they don’t need a backup if there is a RAID.
Where is the cluebat. RAID is not a backup. Nor is snapshotting, but thats another discussion.

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