Interesting SSD results with a late model kernel

Basic MD raid0, xfs file system, 2 SSD Intel drives (X25-e).
There are quite a few benchmarketing numbers out there, and no, I won’t regurgitate them. Or believe them for that matter.
Just built a testing kernel out of 2.6.35, installed it on a test machine, and I wanted to see the impact on random reads/writes of a few of the changes to xfs and others.
From our (otherwise excellent) kernel, we see 12k IOP on write go to 17k IOP. Pretty repeatable. Random reads of about 12k IOP in both cases. This is for 32GB writes on a 16GB ram machine. xfs file system in both cases.
Will do something more soon, just an itch I needed to scratch after reading about some of the changes.