Never seen anything like this before. Ever.

[update] I am starting to think some of these things are heat issues. Not generated heat, but ambient heat. I took a pair of SSDs from our lab (running quite warm, 5 ton AC unit ready to be hooked up) which were giving minor read errors (different vendor), and they operated flawlessly in my basement lab (quite cold)
hmmmm….. I see some SSDs being sacrificed in the near future. I am starting to wonder if any of them has been actually tested in the higher heat environments. We will.

Widespread (literally continent wide) failures of SSDs from one particular vendor (who shall remain nameless for the moment).
We are rushing replacement SSDs out the door. Failures are all happening within days of each other, at remote locations with no connections.
Hardpressed to understand this, apart from a bad batch/batches of units. If you are a customer of ours, email me ASAP offline. Do not turn off or reboot your box until you have a new unit in hand. Trust me.