Curiouser and curiouser … HP tries to outbid Dell for 3Par

Saw this one this morning. From the article … 3PAR’s board is duty-bound to consider this proposal and, financially speaking, it is superior to Dell’s – plus, from a marketing viewpoint, HP would give 3PAR greater exposure to enterprise-level storage customers, having a larger number of them than Dell, and a greater services capacity to […]

Updates on {SO}GE aka GridEngine

Alrighty … looks like there is additional information. Sun changed the license in 2009 for a 120 user test period, all Oracle did was change this to 60 day, and firmed up some of the rest of the language. There is a debate running on the mailing list, which, while some are (erroneously) claiming that […]

… and SGE goes 90-day trial license …

SGE, aka, Sun Grid Engine, is the latest bit of HPC collateral damage in the Oracle digestion of Sun. This is not to say its going away, Dan Templeton has a nice post on his site indicating that they have a roadmap and a future. Its just that it is no longer open source. You […]

A question every business has to ask themselves …

that is, what business are you in? Sounds strange … doesn’t it. This comes up from some recent experience with customers who are paying very late. Thinking this through, I am reminded of one of my favorite local restaurants, with a little aphorism on its wall. It reads The bank doesn’t make tacos. We don’t […]

Dell takes 3PAR

3PAR isn’t technically high performance storage. They are more of a competitor to EMC and HDS. Specifically in the array arena. This arena is a large one, though arrays are losing favor as compared to clustered storage systems (IDCs view, and I think StorageMojo’s as well). The article notes the price at $1.15B USD. It […]

Did I mention RAID is not backup?

Another customer, been bugging them about this for a while. Get a backup of your data. Don’t presume that RAID means you can’t back it up. Then they encounter an issue. So … work with me on this. What is the cost of making 1 copy for cold storage somewhere? Cost in time and in […]


A good article on job creation and innovation at techcrunch. The author makes many points I have made in the past myself. His closing paragraph is dead on. Simply put, if we are serious about lifting the economy out of its rut, we need to focus all of our energy on helping entrepreneurs. Provide them […]