Curiouser and curiouser … HP tries to outbid Dell for 3Par

Saw this one this morning. From the article … 3PAR’s board is duty-bound to consider this proposal and, financially speaking, it is superior to Dell’s – plus, from a marketing viewpoint, HP would give 3PAR greater exposure to enterprise-level storage customers, having a larger number of them than Dell, and a greater services capacity to … Read moreCuriouser and curiouser … HP tries to outbid Dell for 3Par

I know, lets fix an obvious software issue by redefining reality …

A little preface. In the late 1800’s, Indiana had some legislation to consider. It boiled down to the “squaring of a circle” which effectively put a value on pi (??) that was not correct. Go read the history, its actually a little sad.
The point of this is that reason eventually won out, and

The Indianapolis Journal had Senator Hubbell saying that “the Senate might as well try to legislate water to run up hill as to establish mathematical truth by law.” The Journal noted that
…no one who spoke against it intimated that there was anything wrong with the theories it advances. All of the senators who spoke on the bill admitted that they were ignorant of the merits of the proposition. It was simply regarded as not being a subject for legislation (Edington, p. 210).

So what is it that has put a proverbial bee in my proverbial bonnet?
A software group wants to effectively change the definition of UTC (a time standard) so as not to cause software to break, rather than, I dunno, fixing the software?

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Updates on {SO}GE aka GridEngine

Alrighty … looks like there is additional information.
Sun changed the license in 2009 for a 120 user test period, all Oracle did was change this to 60 day, and firmed up some of the rest of the language.
There is a debate running on the mailing list, which, while some are (erroneously) claiming that its FUD, we see now, in all its glory, the issue of incompatible licenses. SGE/OGE is covered under something called SISSL. SISSL is an “OSI approved” license.
But its not GPL2, and can’t be co-mixed with GPL2 code. It can’t (and shouldn’t) be relicensed without copyright owners permission. I’d argue that there is a snowballs chance in Florida that this will happen. Unfortunately, this seems to be having an issue.
Also, Oracle folks did weigh in, and they made completely valid points that boil down to “hey, we are spending our dime on building/maintaining this, why not pay us for it.” That is (IMO) the correct argument for sticking with OGE going forward. The problem is that I don’t know quite yet what the pricing is going to look like. If its reasonable, then this is a tempest in a teapot (which I am hoping). If its unreasonable (e.g. kilo-dollars per core or socket), lots of folks have already expressed an interest in moving on to something lower cost.

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OT: Tournament weekend in Traverse City Michigan … weapons, sparring, and kata (with video)

I took friday off of work (sort of), and we drove up to Traverse City for the White Tigers tournament. Kudos to them for putting on a nice event.
My daughter participated in 2 events, weapons and hand kata, and I did 3 as I also did kumite (sparring).
Between the two of us, we brought home 4 trophies … 1 first (kata), 2 second (sparring and weapons), and 1 third (weapons). These trophies are quite nice … not the regular trophies-R-us type things. I’ll try to get a picture up about these.
She did an awesome job … I am so pleased with her effort. We did the same kata and the same weapons kata, and I did get to watch a portion of hers while I was waiting in line for mine.
I carbed up in the morning, and … wow … what a difference that made. Also, thanks to the kidney stones bit, I am consuming ~100-120 oz of water per day. Its hard to drink that much. But I have to and I have to drink even more than that when exercising like this.
This said, on to the videos.

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Dell takes 3PAR

3PAR isn’t technically high performance storage. They are more of a competitor to EMC and HDS. Specifically in the array arena. This arena is a large one, though arrays are losing favor as compared to clustered storage systems (IDCs view, and I think StorageMojo’s as well). The article notes the price at $1.15B USD. It … Read moreDell takes 3PAR


A good article on job creation and innovation at techcrunch. The author makes many points I have made in the past myself. His closing paragraph is dead on. Simply put, if we are serious about lifting the economy out of its rut, we need to focus all of our energy on helping entrepreneurs. Provide them … Read moreYes!