RAID is not a backup, number 987342 in a series …

Ok, raise your hand if you are using RAID as a backup. No, seriously.
Those with your hands up … have you ever lost data? Want to?
Keep using RAID as a backup.
I don’t mean disk to disk backup. I mean not using a backup when you have a RAID. The RAID is your backup.
What is the cost to replace all the material you have created over time stored on that RAID? What is its value? If its larger than the cost of the disks, you could duplicate the storage and reduce risk
Seriously … take a USB2 drive, attach it to your servers, and make copies of important things.
I don’t like it when users get angry over lost data that they could have prevented.

1 thought on “RAID is not a backup, number 987342 in a series …”

  1. We had this come up in tech support in #centos two weeks ago and spent 6 hours nursing a user [tasked to be a sysadmin by his PHB] through several ‘single point of failure’ errors.
    I meant to write about it — still need to, I guess, as there are lots of OTHER ways to hose a network and lose access to data
    Best regards
    — Russ

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