Start popping the pop-corn, this is getting interesting to watch …

Outright bidding war between Dell and HP for 3Par. HP topped Dells bid, so Dell responded.
Press releases were released. They continued to walk do the aisle.
And then HP upped its bid. Currently at $1.8B and climbing.
Thinking about HPs strategy, I wonder if they really want 3PAR or if they really want to deny Dell the company. And how much the latter is worth to HP. They have some competitive technology in their portfolio.
It wouldn’t surprise me if HP bought Ibrix for the same reason. We don’t run into too many Ibrix deals these days, its mostly gone. But Dell sold a bit of Ibrix.
Could HP be doing to Dell, what Dell has been doing to everyone else (e.g. effectively sucking the oxygen and opportunities out of the room)?
Lets get the popcorn going, this is fascinating to watch.

4 thoughts on “Start popping the pop-corn, this is getting interesting to watch …”

  1. IBRIX is alive and doing very well at HP in the form of the X9000 product line. We have been capturing new customers in the commercial grid (financial services analytics), HLS bio-informatics, Media Render Farms and more. Drop me line if you need any assistance with the product. We have also recently hired some of the principal architects of Lustre who came over from Sun to help expand our team.

  2. @Patrick
    Looks like you forgot your email/contact bits.
    Seriously, we haven’t seen IBrix in a while (saw it a bit when Dell was pushing it). We have seen lots of ex-IBrix customers doing something different.
    X9000 looks like an integrated stack (HW + SW).
    As for hiring Lustre folks … heh … lots of people have been grabbing them. There are good ones out there.

  3. I trust Chris Mellor from El Reg on that 3PAR is a natural fit for HP.
    Chris Mellor published this piece in November last year.
    And I believe that uncertainty with Lustre over the last few months would’ve made HP introduce Ibrix to its HPC customers.

    • @sinysee
      I’m not entirely convinced of the fit. Storagemojo blog has discussed HP acquisitions before, the decline of block storage in general, and questioned the wisdom of this in particular.
      Patrick at HP pointed me to the 9100 series or similar. IBrix doesn’t scale anything like Lustre, Gluster, GPFS, ceph, etc. So I can’t say that too many folks might be interested in it. We’ll see.
      The uncertainty with Lustre still isn’t resolved though. Actually Oracle’s moves as of late suggest that they are going to make significant changes in Lustre’s focus if they don’t spin it out. HPC has been effectively canned at Oracle. I don’t think IBrix is the right choice (whether inside or outside of HP) to replace it.

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