Tiburon, now with booting over iSCSI

Woot … have it working nicely in the lab. A few more tweaks to the environment, and we should be able to test in the field.
We’ve been comparing NFS booting, iSCSI booting, and ramdisk based booting for siCluster systems. We’ve been wanting to do more than PXE loads, and provide multiple levels of resiliency that we can using a technology like this.
As it turns out, this dovetails beautifully into how we load our JackRabbit and DeltaV units in siCluster. It allows us to provide a level of resilency in the face of multiple OS drive failure (which curiously, we’ve seen recently).
The other nice aspect is the utility for our cloud storage and other generalized cluster offerings. This is goodness, and it really plays to our strengths.
More soon. I promise.